Ramcharitmanas in Brief


Children, today I will start my series of stories on Lord Rama. I am sure most of you must know a little bit about Lord Rama.  So let me begin with the brief introduction about RamCharitManas.


Introduction: Ramcharitmanas, most popularly known as “Ramayana” is a very holy book in Hindu religion. It describes the characters of al mighty God who took birth as a human being on the earth in the name of Rama.

Basically “RamCharitManas” consists of three words, Ram – Name of Lord Rama, Charit – Character, Manas – Mind.

God Shiva was highly devoted to the Lord Rama. He kept the character and picture of Lord Rama in his mind therefore it is called “RamCharitManas”.

Valmiki was the first poet who wrote the RamCharitManas in Sanskrit language. There is beautiful story about him that I will tell you little later.

Inspired by the God Shiva, Saint Tulsidas started this beautiful creation in Hindi language. It took two years, eight months and twenty-six days to finish this magnificent chore (Sanvat 1631 to 1633). It is divided in seven main parts; Balkand, Ayodhyakand, Aranyakand, Kishkindhakand, Sunderkand, Lankaknad and Uttrakand.

 Each part illustrates specific deeds of Lord Rama.


Balkand: It includes events related to birth of Rama, killing of demons by Rama and his brother Lakshman, wedding of Rama and various other features and characters.

Ayodhyakand: The main events included are: Preparation for crowning of Rama, two boons of kaikeyi, exile of Rama, and death of King Dashrath, meeting with Bharat at Chitrakoot.

Aranyakand: It includes the following main events - Panchvati, Story of Shurpankha, Golden deer, Ravan; The king of Lanka, Shabri and search of Sita.

Kishkindhakand: Important proceedings are – Meeting with Hanuman, Sugreev and Bali.

Sunderkand: Main events are:  Entry into Lanka, Sita in Ashok vatika and Lanka on fire, crossing of ocean, Rama and Vibhishan.

Lankaknad: Main events included in this part are: Creation of bridge, Indrajit, The first battle of Ravan, Kumbhkaran, Meghnad and Rama’s battle, Princes of Lanka, The second battle of Ravan, Victory of Rama.

Uttrakand: The last part of Ramayana includes: Get together of Bharat and Hanuman, Welcoming of Rama, Crowning of Rama as king, and Sita’s ordeal by fire, Ramrajya.